About me

Hi, This is Yusuke Morita.

I’m a bassist and composer/arranger.

I’m traveling through Europe with my 6 string base, mini amp and pc until the mid of September.

My purposes to travel in Europe are

  • Touch and absorb the authentic flamenco in Spain.
  • Following the connections that have been connected up to now, and developing new “people’s connections”.
  • enjoy with the people I met and I will meet, and you.

So I made my mind that I will earn the cost of traveling on chip.

My budget is limited and more I don’t decide the place to stay.

It depends on the money I will earn and who I will meet.

I consider that this journey has a tremendous impact on my music activities in the future.  So I would like to return it to the people I will meet.


When I was considering such a thing,

I got a big news!

One of my friend in high school make an interesting web service.

It is called


This is  “ new service for cloudfunding”.

The people who feel

“I’d like to cheer for this planning! what’s going on with this!!”


Send me Biscuit with your messages!

It might make realizing an interesting idea that I could not come up with alone.  The size of Biscuit are S, M and L.

The amount of S is ¥100, M is ¥200 and L is ¥300.


The theme of this journey is “Connecting”

I want to connect what I have done to a single line.  What will it bear?

I met flamenco music, at that time.

As a result of this, my musical reforms occurred one after another.  Various things came to be fresh. The time came when I connect past ideas and new ideas.


For example, I realized that a master of bass, Dominic Di Piazza, who draws gypsy’s blood line is closely related to flamenco.  I learned a bass from him in Paris when I came to Europe for the first time 5 years ago.

(with Dominique Di Piazza, in summer 2013)

The list of my stuffs

1:Dutch 6-string base

I can play melodies and chords.

2:Mini amp

for performing on the street.


for recording the sessions, making movies and doing Live on Instagram.


I can record anyweher

This is my performance on NY street in 2016.

About the journey

I think that this project is not interesting only by going to where I want to go.

Everyone would like to enjoy the state of the trip!
I would like you to participate in this trip!


I’m looking for the following!

  • The people who lives in Europe and meet me!
  • The people who wants connect me to your friend.
  • The people who has my travering idea.
  • The people who wants me to eat and report local food.
  • The people who wants to try to listen to songs that you made on the street.
  • The people who helps me to create the movie.


for example

→You send me a movie what you sing/ play the music.

→Local musicians add accompaniment, and I edit it.

→after that I will create a movie.

It sounds so interesting.  I’m waiting for your mesasses!!

How to Biscuit?

Create your account on Paypal!

The Step for Biscuitting

1.Send Biscuit and your message

If you send Biscuit

1.Your twitter icon will appear this page.

2.I will upload what I will be doing on my journey.


Finally, I want to introduce my thinking.

I think this journey is not just a trip.  As a musician and human, I try to explore myself through this journey.

I am a bassist.  It means my job is connecting an ensemble with people.

And I am a composer.  It means music is a communication between people and people and the tool for expression.

During this trip I want to cultivate vitality for doing this forever and I want you to feel something by my travering.

My interests are below

  • Flamenco derived from the culture of gypsies, and connections with jazz
  • How do European people go out with music?
  • Education system of Nordic countries including Denmark
  • Christiania
  • “Musicology”
    • I will meet the representative of the label in Denmark who released my solo album in 2013.  he is now learning it in the university after he quit his job.
  • Meet the ambassador to explore the possibility of realizing the dream of my uncle of the Ocarina player who is the former primary school principal someday to play in Ljubljana.
  • Dutch music scene and education
  • Berlin’s club, Berghain
  • Paragliding in the Alps Mountains

My portfolio is here!